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Denise L. White

Denise WhiteDenise L. White is the CEO and Founder of the EAG Sports Management, a company that specializes in handling those aspects of an athlete’s career that can be easily overlooked by an agent or team with an overflowing roster. In the past 20 years she has taken her company from an initial concept for a couple of clients to a major player in the sports industry that retains an impressive list of athletes. Throughout the incredible growth of her business, Denise has maintained her personal approach, leaving no doubt about the investment of time and dedication she grants every client. This wholehearted commitment and attention to detail is the secret to her success as one of the very few successful females in an aggressive, male-dominated industry.
In 1996 after a successful career in broadcasting, Ms. White chose to expand her sports business experience by pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. She had noticed a gap between the roles of player agents and front offices when it came to career management services for professional athletes. In the NFL, where teams at times field 80 players and agencies sign even more, it is easy for rookies and veterans alike to fall through the cracks. Denise used vision and determination to open an office where players could find individually tailored career assistance and development.

Today EAG provides the highest quality service for athletes seeking marketing, public relations, event planning, branding and crisis management. In one week it is not unusual for Denise herself to coordinate or attend a red carpet event, a fundraising dinner, a network show taping, and a national magazine photoshoot while working on bringing an athlete back from a crisis management situation. Amidst these activities, she can be found at a host of sporting events throughout the years.
Denise can also be seen on CNN as a contributor to their sports stories.

Most recently Denise was featured in a seven-page Men’s Journal article where she was profiled as the "Woman who bails out the NFL's bad boys".

Out of the Men's Journal article Hollywood came knocking and Fox2000 bought Denise's life rights and now are producing a film about her starring Jennifer Anniston, slated to debut in 2018.

Ms. White has established her position as a respected leader in sports management through strong cooperation with leagues, teams, and agents. They recognize that Denise and EAG enhance their efforts to both promote and provide for their athletes.

Lauren Richardson Lauren Richardson
Vice President

Lauren Richardson: Vice President

Lauren joins the EAG team as an accomplished PR and sports marketing specialist, having worked with some of the top athletes, brands, and sports teams in the country. Her extensive network in both local and national media has led her to secure high-profile placements for her clients, and she is always looking for the next opportunity to build her clients’ brand in a unique, authentic way. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Lauren graduated from Shippensburg University with a degree in Journalism. She currently resides in Playa Vista.

Julia Bardzil Julia Bardzil
Senior Publicist

Julia Bardzil: Senior Publicist

Julia comes to the EAG team as a publicist, having recently graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, with a degree in Strategic Communications and Concentration in Public Relations. Julia has experience as a Public Relations Specialist and Social Media Strategist with a top national brand, where she fostered close ties between athletes and brand identities. She loves all things sports, both inside and outside of her career. Julia is originally from Philadelphia and currently resides in Los Angeles.

A headshot of Alexandra Ochoa. Alexandra Ochoa

Alexandra Ochoa: Publicist

Ms. Ochoa joins the team full-time as an athlete relations specialist. Alex comes to us with a wealth of experience in the sports industry. She has a strong passion for sports inside and outside of her career and grew up a part of a large sports family. She has gathered a wide range of sports marketing experience from a variety of companies and professional sports teams. While attending the California State University of San Bernardino, she earned a degree in Communication with an emphasis in both Public Relations and Mass Media. Alex is originally from Hesperia, CA, and currently resides in Rancho Cucamonga.

Cecilia Macris Cecilia Macris

Cecilia Macris: Publicist

I am CA native-born in Inglewood and raised in Orange County, CA. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Arizona State University, I decided to make a change to further my career in Public Relations in Los Angeles. With my experience in Fashion PR, I have developed close ties with brands, stylists and talent. I have a love for all things sports, fashion and entertainment related. I currently live in Redondo Beach, CA with my pup Snoop.

Madison Schulz Madison Schulz
Director of Athlete Relations

Madison Schulz: Director of Athlete Relations

Lindsey (Deierling) Finegan Lindsey (Deierling) Finegan

Lindsey (Deierling) Finegan: Consultant

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